Born out of our love of fine cuisine and fitness, On-Season Meals in Fullerton has become the exclusive health and diet food delivery meal prep services in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego. Fit Chef Joe, Owner and Executive Chef of On-Season Meals meal prep, creates a comprehensive healthy menu that ensures customers are motivated to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to eating health food, we believe that variety, quality and results is what keeps people motivated to achieve their goals. 

Why the name "On-Season Meals?" Because we know that you are busy and even in your off-season you are working like you are On-Season. Whatever goals you have, we want to help you overcome your obstacles and fuel your purpose.

On-Season meals is conveniently based in the City of Fullerton.


Take care of and seek to improve our body, mind, skills and spirit.

Be compassionate and value the strengths of others.

Live, work and love with integrity.

Always have the ON-SEASON MINDSET:

Be proactive, consistent, determined, accountable and goal driven.



I have been cooking since I was child. Growing up, my family enjoyed eating at fine restaurants and when we ate at home my Dad would cook and replicate our favorite cuisines. One day I asked my Dad to teach me how to cook a hamburger and my fascination for cooking was off to the races. My mother then taught me how to cook traditional Filipino dishes and I would help my relatives prepare food for our weekend get togethers. As many know, Filipino cuisine is very savory but it has a high sodium, sugar, starch, cholesterol and fat content. Because of this, many Filipinos have a high risk of death from heart disease and suffer from diabetes. At the age of 32, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I began working in the field of community mental health with children who were “at-risk” or suffered from a mental health diagnosis. One of my responsibilities was to interact with these children through sports and I soon then discovered I could not keep up with these children. I was 45 pounds over weight, easily tired, had difficulty breathing and high blood pressure.

During this time my Dad suffered from a stroke and my Mother a triple bypass. My dad later then had had a heart attack and a quadruple bypass. As I was reflecting on my family history all of my uncles have lost their lives to heart disease. Also, at that time I suffered from a condition called Bells Palsy and lost partial movement to my face and only recovered by 70%. I then began to take my health more seriously and made the conscious decision to change my lifestyle, eating habits and physical activity. In this transition I discovered the love for bodybuilding which required a strict diet and food limitations. The only obstacle that I had was that I worked in urban communities and there were no healthy food options that were accessible in the field. That is when I decided to start preparing my meals early in thee week so I had healthier food that was accessible. My friends then saw the progress that I was making from my own meal preps and asked me if I could do it for them as well. So I did. Word of mouth spread in a short amount of time and I was then cooking for over 18 people and opened my first meal prep business out of a commercial kitchen In Huntington Beach in 2010. Due to circumstances of the kitchen's lease agreement, my meal prep business closed down and I took a hiatus from meal prepping and began to work a regular 9 to 5 job in community mental health again. In 2013 I decided to work on the weekend for some friends as a personal chef to do their meal preps. People then found that I was meal prepping on social media and my clientele went from 2 to 15 which forced me to move into a commercial kitchen in Fullerton. I then went from renting out space and time on the weekend from that kitchen to running the store front restaurant 7 days a week. I now run a weekly meal prep program for over 25 ongoing clients, have my menus and consignment meals in 4 different gyms and run a restaurant were you can get a healthy meal prep or juice anytime of the week. Opening my own restaurant has been my childhood dream and I have been blessed to have this opportunity. My goal now is to keep improving on my products and develop my business to be the most innovative and be the leader in it’s industry. I see this as my pathway to our bigger mission to help others achieve and live beyond their dreams.