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Tilapia (Zesty Garlic)

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Tilapia seasoned with lemon, garlic, sea salt and pepper then baked to perfection. Product may look different than the picture provided.

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Weekly Special Offerings

1. Grilled Bourbon Chicken Plate- Chicken breast marinated, seasoned grilled and glazed in our house recipe bourbon sauce. Served with mashed yams and balsamic roasted brussel sprouts. Protein:38, Carbs: 38, Fat:8, Cal:376. (GF)(LC)

2. Turkey Cajun Dirty Rice-  Cajun seasoned, lean ground turkey sauteed with onions, celery and peppers. Served on a ½ cup bed of dirty brown rice with a side of steamed collard greens. Protein:38, Carbs: 22, Fat:12, Cal: 348 (KF)(GF). 

3. Pescado Fajita Pepper Plate – Tilapia sauteed in chili seasoning, plated then topped with fajita peppers and onions. Served with 3 corn tortillas, julienned cabbage along with a portion cup of our avocado dressing. (LC)(GF) Protein: 35g, Carbs:32, Fat: 8g, Cal: 340 Contains: dairy

4. Italian Meatloaf- 93/7 Lean ground beef, chopped sundried tomatoes and onions bind with oats and almond milk. Then lightly glazed in a marinara and garnished lightly with grated parmesan. Served with roasted red potatoes and steamable broccoli. Protein:41, Carbs:32, Fat:18, Cal: 464 (LC)(KLI)

On-Seasonal Offerings

5. Pan Seared Chicken on Parmesan Grits- Citrus & herbed chicken pan seared to perfection then topped with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms. Then served on a bed of parmesan grits and a side of sauteed garlic green beans. Protein: 41 Carbs: 32 Fat:10, Calories: 362 (LC) (GF)


6. Southwestern Turkey Meatball Skillets-  Turkey meatballs glazed in our chili adobo sauce. Served with a seasoned colorful blend of corn, black beans, tomato and cilantro. Then complemented with grilled zucchini. Protein: 38, Carbs:38, F:16, Cal: 448 (GF)(LC)

7. Kung Pao Turkey- Lean ground turkey stir fried with diced bell peppers, celery, cashews, chilis and our in-house made kung pao sauce. Served with Jasmine rice and steamed cabbage. Protein: 38 Carbs: 32 Fat:12, Calories: 388 (GF)(LC)

OSM Originals

8. Buffalo Chicken Burger Bowl- Lean ground seasoned chicken patty broiled and glazed in a buffalo sauce. Served on a bed of ½ cup cilantro lime Jasmine rice and shredded cabbage. Ranch dressing is served on the side.  Protein:41g  Carbs:26 , Fat:12, Calories:376 (LC)(GF)(KLI)


9. Ortega Burger- Lean fit beef patty topped with light jack cheese, roasted Hatch green chiles and stuffed in a whole wheat bun. Served with sliced red onions and a bed of green leaf lettuce and our house made spicy island aioli. Protein:38, Carbs:45, Fat: 19 Calories: 494 (LC)

Breakfast Offerings

10. Turkey Andouille Egg Bites on Grits – Two scrambled egg bites stuffed with diced turkey Andouille sausage on a bed of grits topped with our house recipe country gravy (almond milk alternative). Served with steamable spinach. Protein: 34, Carbs:40, Fat:12, Cal: 404 (LC)(GF)


11. Triple Berry Protein Chia Seed Pudding- Chia seeds, soaked in Greek yogurt, almond milk and whey protein. Then mixed with a blend of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and topped with more berries and granola. 50g C:59g F: 5g Cal: 481


12. Purple Rain Ube Protein Pancakes- Oatmeal flour pancakes infused with whey protein, egg whites and a ube purple yam puree. Served with a side of sugar free syrup and butter creme spread. Protein: 42g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 6g, Calories: 458


13. Chicken Mole con Papas- Cubed chicken breast simmered with diced potatoes in our house mole sauce and topped with scrambled egg whites. Topped lightly with a queso fresco. Served with 2 corn tortillas and spinach. Protein:38g Carbs:42g Fat:10g Cal:410(LC)(GF)



14. The Joe’s Special – Lean ground turkey and chopped spinach scrambled in egg whites. Then served on a bed of ½ cup brown rice with a side of our house salsa. Protein: 38, Carbs:26 Fat:12, Cal: 364(LC)(GF)