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OSM Insulated Bag

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Black canvas bag with gold OSM logo. Insulated.

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 Menu for Week 1/23/22

(KF) Keto Friendly, (GF) Gluten Free, (LC) Low Carb, (KLI) Kids Like It (MDI) Mediterranean Diet Inspired

Weekly Special Offerings

1. Sweet Fire Chicken- Lean chicken breast marinated, grilled and glazed in our house made sweet and spicy sauce. Served with a brown rice and kale salad (w/mixed seeds). Protein: 41, Carbs:26, Fat: 8. Cal: 340 (LC)(GF) 

2. Mexican Pizza- Whole wheat crust pizza topped with a red chili tomato marinara. Topped with lite blend of Mexican cheeses, taco seasoned ground turkey and pico de gallo. Protein: 41g, Carbs:42, Fat: 18g, Cal: 494 (LC)(GF)

3. Tropical Grilled Swai- Seasoned and grilled swai topped with our habanero mango pico de gallo (served on the side) and garnished with a lime wedge. Then served with steamable cabbage, ½ cup of Jasmine rice with black beans. Protein:34, Carbs:30, F:6, Cal:310 (LC)(MDI)

4.Teriyaki Top Sirloin Steak- Marinated trimmed top sirloin steak grilled and glazed in our house made teriyaki sauce. Served with broccoli and cilantro lime jasmine rice. Protein:41g, Carbs:26, Fat: 16g, Calories:412 (LC)

Seasonal Offerings

5. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tenders w/ Pan Fried Cabbage- Chicken tenders marinated in our Jamaican inspired flavors then grilled to perfection. Served with grits and Southern inspired fried cabbage. Cabbage pan fried with chicken andouille sausage, onions peppers, broth and Creole seasoning. Protein:39, Carbs:26, Fat:10 Cal:350 (KLI)(LC)(GF)

6. Greek Chicken Meatballs- Ground chicken meatballs bind with egg whites garlic, mint and lemon zest. Served with basmati rice, spinach and a tzatziki yogurt dressing. Protein: 42, Carbs:32, Fat: 12 Cal: 394 (KLI)(LC)Contains:soy

7. Korean Turkey Bibimbap- Lean ground turkey meatloaf sauteed in our house made bulgogi sauce and served on a bed of brown rice. Then accompanied with pickled onions, kimchi and, sigueumchi spinach. Served with mashed garlic red potatoes and broccoli. Protein: 38 Carbs: 32 Fat:12, Calories: 388 (GF)(LC)

OSM Originals

8. Barbacoa Street Tacos- Mini tortillas with shredded chicken breast that was slow simmered in broth, chipotle chiles and seasonings. Served “build your own taco style” with cilantro, onions shredded cabbage and a side of our house salsa. Protein: 41g, Fat: 7, Carbs: 49, Calories: 432

9. Turkey Bolognese- Slow cooked turkey & vegetable meat sauce on a bed of whole wheat pasta and served w/ spinach. Protein:35g, Fat: 12, Carbs: 51, Calories: 452 (K)(LC)(KLI)

Breakfast Offerings

10. Lemon Creme Protein Pancake- Oatmeal flour infused with egg whites, bananas, whey protein and lemon zest.  Served with a side of sugar free syrup and butter creme spread. Protein: 35g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 485 (LC)(GF)(KLI)

11. Loaded Breakfast Burger Bowl- Breakfast turkey burger patty served with scrambled egg whites, roasted red potatoes and peppers, steamable spinach and topped with pickled onions. Protein: 38g, Carbs:22, Fat: 12g, Cal: 388 (LC)(GF)(KLI)

12. Feta & Spinach Egg Bites- Egg whites bites baked with spinach and cheese. Served with roasted red potatoes and a cup of seasonal berries. Protein: 28, Carbs:30 Fat:14, Cal: 334 (LC)(GF)

13. Breakfast Melt- Scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon and lite cheeses stuffed into two slices of keto bread then flat grilled. Protein: 30, Carbs:8g net, Fat:14, Cal: 278 (KF)(LC)