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Ground Turkey Tex Mex Taco 93/7

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Lean ground turkey sauteed in our signature Tex-Mex seasonings.

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Legend: (KF) Keto Friendly, (KLI) Kids love it, (GF) Gluten Free, (LC) Low carb

Weekly Special Offerings

1. Honey Mustard Chicken w/ Roasted Apples- Glazed and roasted chicken breast served with roasted Granny Smith apples sauteed in apple cider. Served with garlic mashed red potatoes and spinach. Protein: 36g, Carbs: 30g, Fat:10, Calories: 326

2. Firecracker Ground TurkeyGround turkey stir fried in a sweet agave Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo sauce. Served with brown rice and southern style green beans. Protein: 40 Carbs: 32 Fat:12, Calories: 396 (GF)(LC)(KLI)

3. Honey Walnut Swai- Swai grilled then tossed in our honey walnut sauce. Served with Jasmine rice and roasted sugar snap peas. Protein:34, Carbs:36, Fat:8, Calories:352 (LC)(GF)

4. Lomo Saltado- A classic Peruvian dish made low-carb. Sliced top sirloin steak seasoned and stir fried in vinegar and soy. Then topped with stir fried onions, tomatoes and sweet potato fries; complimented with a side of aji verde, a classic Peruvian green sauce. Served with ½ cup brown rice and steamable broccoli. Protein: 38, Carbs:42, Fat: 16 Cal: 464. (KF)(LC) Contains: soy

On-Seasonal Offerings

5. Chicken Marsala– A classic Italian favorite. Chicken breast, butterflied, tenderized, coated with almond flour and seared in a substitute wine broth (made with chicken, lemon juice and clam).  Served on a bed of whole wheat spaghetti and arugula. Protein: 42g, Fat: 9, Carbs: 29, Calories: 365 (LC)

6. Turkey Taco Power Bowl- Mexican seasoned and sauteed ground turkey. Served on a bed of Jasmine lime rice and black beans and shredded green cabbage on the side. Garnished with pico de gallo, lime wedges and cilantro.  Protein: 42g, Carbs:44, Fat: 12g, Cal: 368 (GF)

7. Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs – Lean ground chicken meatballs bind with oats, almond milk and chopped basil. Baked then simmered in our Thai red curry coconut sauce. Garnished with a cilantro stem. Served with a 1/2 cup Jasmine rice and spinach.  Protein: 38, Carbs: 28, Fat: 17, Calories: 417 (LC)(GF). Contains soy from liquid aminos.

OSM Originals

8. All American Fit Burger– Lean ground beef patty and mild cheddar cheese served between a whole wheat bun with all the toppings on the side. The toppings include red leaf lettuce, sliced red onions and island dressing. Protein: 34, Carbs: 32, Fat: 16, Calories:408 (LC)

9. Turkey Chili– Ground turkey slow cooked in a Tex-Mex seasoned tomato base along with Hatch green chilis, black beans and chopped onions. served with brown rice and spinach. Protein: 36, Fat: 12, Carbs: 44, Calories: 428 (GF)

Breakfast Offerings

10. Thai Basil Chicken Omelette(Pad Gaprao)- Lean ground chicken, sautéed in basil, garlic, onions, Thai chilis and stir fry sauce. Then stuffed in an egg white omelet. Garnished with cilantro. Served on a bed of Jasmine rice and spinach.  Protein: 42, Carbs: 28, Fat: 17, Calories: 433 (LC)(GF). Contains soy from liquid aminos.

11. Lemon Creme Blueberry Protein Pancakes– Oatmeal flour pancakes infused with whey protein, blueberries and lemon zest served with a side of sugar free syrup and butter creme spread. Protein: 30g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 465

12. Strawberries & Cream Chia Overnight Oats– Strawberries, oatmeal and chia seeds, soaked with Greek yogurt, almond milk and whey protein. Then topped with granola. 50g C: 69g F: 7g Cal: 530

13. The Breakfast Plate– Scrambled whole eggs, turkey sausage and Homestyle potato hash served with a side of Chia seed pudding and grapes. Protein: 46g Carbs: 37g Fat: 12g Calories: 380 (LC)(GF)

14. Chicken Sausage & Egg Breakfast Muffin– Served with kale, and a side of seasonal berries. Protein: 32g, Carbs:41g, Fat:12g, Calories: 400