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Chicken Breast

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Chicken Breast seasoned with sea salt, garlic and pepper. Perfect protein base to add your favorite seasoning, dressing or sauce. Seen in this picture is our Tex Mex seasoned chicken breast.

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Menu for Week 11/24

Weekly Specials (New Menu Items)

Honey Mustard Chicken w/ Roasted Fall Harvest Veggies- Glazed and roasted chicken breast served with roasted carrots, squash, brussel sprouts and a garlic butter cauliflower mash. Protein: 38g, Carbs: 8g, Fat:12 , Calories: 292 (LC)(GF)(KF)

Chimichurri Pesto Tilapia- Lightly herbed and baked tilapia topped with a chimichurri pesto sauce topped with diced tomatoes and served served with roasted squash and spinach. P:32, C:10, F:18, Cal: 330 (LC)(GF)(KF)

Beef Stew Bowl- Lean beef sirloin slow cooked  to tender perfection, in a tomato base sauce along with carrots and red potatoes. Served with cauliflower and zucchini squash. Protein:36, Carbs:18, Fat:12 , Cal: 324. (LC)(GF)

OSM Original Signatures

Barbacoa Street Tacos- Mini tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken breast that was slow simmered in broth and seasonings. Served with cilantro, onions shredded cabbage and a side of our house salsa. Protein: 41g, Fat: 7, Carbs: 49, Calories: 432

Turkey Chili- Ground turkey slow cooked in a Tex-Mex seasoned tomato base along with Hatch green chilis, black beans and chopped onions. served with brown rice and spinach. Protein: 36, Fat: 12, Carbs: 44, Calories: 428 (LC) (GF)

Cilantro Lime Ground Turkey- Our lime seasoned ground turkey finished with chopped cilantro served brown rice and spinach. Garnished with cilantro and a lime wedge. Protein: 38, Carbs: 28, Fat: 17, Calories: 417 (LC) (GF)

Turkey Bolognese- Slow cooked turkey & vegetable meat sauce on a bed of whole wheat pasta and served w/ spinach. Protein:35g, Fat: 12, Carbs: 51, Calories: 452 (K)(LC)(KLI)

Original FitBurger- Lean ground beef patty and provolone cheese served between a whole wheat bun with all the toppings on the side. The toppings include rainbow kale, sliced red onions and honey mustard. Protein: 34, Carbs: 32, Fat: 16, Calories:408

Breakfast Offerings

Lemon Creme Protein Waffles- Whole grain protein packed waffles served with a side of sugar free syrup and lemon creme spread. Protein: 30g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 465

Egg Foo Young Bake- Whole eggs, Asian mixed vegetables and scallions. Served with a side of sour pan gravy. Contains soy. Protein: 32, Carbs:8 Fat:22, Cal: 358 (K)(LC)(GF)

Home Skillet- Three scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of pork bacon and roasted cauliflower. Protein: 32, Carbs:6, Fat:28, Cal: 388 (KF)(LC)(GF)

Sweet Potato Pie Overnight Oats- Oatmeal and chia seeds soaked in greek yogurt, whey protein and pureed yams then topped with toasty granola, nutmeg and cinnamon. Protein: 50g C: 69g F: 7g Cal: 406

(KF)= Keto Friendly (LC)= Low Carb (GF)= Gluten Free