Now taking orders for the week of 10/24. Cut-off is Midnight 11:59 PM 10/20 Wednesday 



You are now ordering for the week of 10/24. Orders are due by Wednesday 10/20 at 11:59pm.


 Menu for Week 10/17

(KF) Keto Friendly, (GF) Gluten Free, (LC) Low Carb, (KLI) Kids Like It (MDI) Mediterranean Diet Inspired

Weekly Special Offerings

1. Tinga Chicken Bowl- Slow simmered chicken breast in broth, chilis, zest and seasonings. Served with cilantro lime Jasmine rice steamable shredded cabbage and a side of our house salsa. Protein: 41g, Carbs, Fat: 7,: 28, Calories: 330

2. Turkey Salisbury Steak- Lean ground turkey patty, bind with egg whites, and seasoning. Topped with sautéed onions, and gravy. Served with a side of garlic red mashed potatoes and steamable Normandy vegetables. Protein:41, Carbs: 26 Fat:14 Cal:324(LC)(GF)

3. Thai Basil Swai- Broiled local fish and served with a ½ cup cilantro lime rice (Jasmine), and garlic sauteed green beans and a side cup of sweet chili sauce. Protein: 36g , Carbs: 32, Fat: 8 , Calories: 334 (LC)(GF)(MDI)

4. Americana Pot Roast- Classic American beef pot roast served with a garlic red pot mash and steamable  broccoli. Protein: 40g, Carbs:28g, Fat: 12g Cal: 380. (KF)(LC) Contains:soy

Seasonal Offerings

5. Pumpkin Pizza- Whole pita crust brushed with our house pumpkin marinara then topped with light mozzarella, sliced roasted butternut squash, kale, chicken sausage and sage. Protein:35, Carbs:30, Fat: 12g, Calories:368  (LC) (KLI)

6. Oktoberfest Turkey Meatloaf- Ground Turkey bind together with oatmeal, egg whites and seasoning. Then baked and glazed with our house housemade applesauce. Served with roasted mixed color potatoes, mixed color carrots and brussel sprouts.. Protein: 38g, Carbs: 28, Fat: 12g, Calories: 372. (LC)(GF) Contains: egg

7.  Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken- Chunks of lean chicken breast simmered in a Jamaican brown stew with herbs and spices. Served with mashed yams and garlic green beans.  Protein: 42g, Carbs:32, Fat: 8g, Cal: 368 (LC)(GF)

OSM Originals

8. Buffalo Chicken Burger Bowl- Lean ground seasoned chicken patty broiled and glazed in a buffalo sauce. Served on a bed of ½ cup cilantro lime Jasmine rice and shredded cabbage. 

9. Turkey Bolognese- Slow cooked turkey & vegetable meat sauce on a bed of whole wheat pasta and served w/ spinach. Protein:35g, Fat: 12, Carbs: 51, Calories: 452 (LC)(KLI)

Breakfast Offerings

10. Pumpkin Buttercream Protein Pancakes- Our classic OSM protein pancakes, oatmeal flour infused with whey protein, egg whites and banana puree.  Served with a side of pumpkin butter and sugar free syrup for topping. 30g, Carbs: 59g, Fat: 12g, Calories: 465 (LC)(GF)(KLI)

11. Rise n Grind- Scrambled egg whites, turkey sausage, spinach and Homestyle potatoes served with a side of Chia seed pudding and grapes. Protein: 46g Carbs: 37g Fat: 12g Calories: 374 (LC)(GF)

12. Chicken Chilaquiles- Shredded Chicken and corn tortillas doused with salsa verde and then baked. Topped with scrambled eggs and then garnished with cotija cheese, chopped onions and cilantro. Protein: 32, Carbs:32 Fat:9, Cal: 337 (LC)(GF)

13. Chicken Congee- An Asian inspired breakfast. Shredded chicken breast and 1 sliced boiled egg on a bed of brown rice congee (porridge). Brown is simmered in chicken broth and ginger. Then garnished with slivered green onions and crunchy garlic. Protein:40, Carbs: 32, Fat:16 Calories: 472 (LC)(GF)(KLI)